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We provide the coaching + support that you need for success in triathlon or running!


Visit the School of Tri® classrooms to learn more about the sport of triathlon.

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Latest Posts from Our Blog:

Tips for Racing in the Heat and Elevation at IRONMAN® Boulder

With high, dry temperatures and an elevation of 5,430 feet above sea level, Boulder, Colorado is a challenging venue for an IRONMAN Triathlon, especially if you’re coming from sea level. Even if you are acclimated to the elevation, which takes at least two...

What to Do for Training After Your IRONMAN Triathlon® Race

A triathlete emailed me an excellent question yesterday that I want to answer in this blog as it is an important question to all IRONMAN Triathlon® finishers plus the answer will be informative for both IRONMAN 70.3® and marathon finishers, too: I just completed...

The Marathon Runner, a Poem

What goes through your mind when you are training for or racing in a triathlon, marathon or other endurance event? Here’s a poem about my experiences running the Disney Marathon a few years ago. I wanted to capture the external environment as well as the the...

The Commitment Continuum – Where Do You Fall?

“It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.” — Paul William “Bear” Bryant (1913-1983) As an athlete, I ask myself directly, and as a coach, I ask my athletes indirectly: “What is your level of commitment?” It’s easy to say,...

enduranceworks webinar iconRecorded Webinars

Each year we put on a complimentary series of triathlon-related webinars to educate the triathlon community and as a service to the sport.

Webinars presented early 2015:

Click HERE to view our complete recorded webinar library.

School of Tri® Classrooms Are Here!

School of Tri and Endurance SportsWe’ve taken the complex sport of triathlon and broken it down into its pieces (we call them “classrooms”), each of which contains lessons with short videos explaining and demonstrating a key aspect of training or racing.

You can find the School of Tri classrooms at

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