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We provide the coaching + support that you need for success in triathlon or running!


Visit the School of Tri® classrooms to learn more about the sport of triathlon.

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Training endurance athletes is our passion. It’s what we do.

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Latest Posts from Our Blog:

Time Saving Training Tactics for Triathletes: Part 1

One of the biggest challenges for triathletes is “fitting it all in.” You’re training for 3 different sports – swim, bike, run – plus need time for strength training, recovery, etc. on top of everything else you’re doing in your...

Krista Demonstrates the Ski Lunge Exercise

Tight hips or back? The ski lunge (or skater lunge) is a dynamic stretching exercise for the hips that helps to improve lateral range of motion in the lower body. The lateral angle of the motion opens the hip musculature that works in that plane of movement and can...

Tips for Creating a Triathlon Fueling & Hydration Plan

David Glover, MSE, MS, CSCS walks you through the questions you need to ask and steps to practice in creating your own triathlon fueling and hydration plan. Remember that fueling and hydration needs are highly individual; therefore, it is critical that you practice...

Tips for Finding Balance with Triathlon Training and Racing

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”— Johann Goethe Training for three different sports is a daunting task by itself, but throw in other responsibilities like a job, family, travel, social life, pets and friends, then...

Learn to Be in the Moment on Triathlon Race Day

“Do what you can do in the moment.” — Dave Scott, 6x Ironman World Champion Being present during your training and racing is a a powerful tool to maximize your performance on race day. In this video David Glover, MS, CSCS discusses the importance of...

enduranceworks webinar iconRecorded Webinars

Each year we put on a complimentary series of triathlon-related webinars to educate the triathlon community and as a service to the sport.

Webinars presented early 2015:

Click HERE to view our complete recorded webinar library.

School of Tri® Classrooms Are Here!

School of Tri and Endurance SportsWe’ve taken the complex sport of triathlon and broken it down into its pieces (we call them “classrooms”), each of which contains lessons with short videos explaining and demonstrating a key aspect of training or racing.

You can find the School of Tri classrooms at

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