Endurance Sports and Nutrition Consulting

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Consulting to Solve Your Unique Challenges

What is your most urgent issue holding you back? Weight loss? Designing your training? Starting a new event? Creating a nutrition plan?

You can now hire Krista Schultz or David Glover as your own private consultants to work with you to help you solve your unique problems.

Consulting gives you the flexibility and freedom to leverage our advanced education in exercise physiology and endurance sports experience as athletes, coaches and event directors…at your convenience and when you need help the most.

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Please see our FAQ or contact us for more information.


Your Consultation Includes:


Review of your questionnaire before meeting

Live consultation via phone, Skype or in person

Recommendations specific to your unique challenge

Follow up with you to evaluate results

Follow these steps to purchase your consult:



Decide on your consult type:

Fitness Start Up: From the Couch to Active and Healthy

Need help getting started working out or just need some guidelines to setting up an exercise program to improve your overall fitness? We will will answer your questions and put you on the right path to success!

Mental Skills: Training Your Competitor Within

When racing a triathlon or other endurance event, you need to have the fitness to cover the distance, but being fit isn’t enough. Powerful mental skills like visualization, concentration and maintaining a positive attitude become even more critical for success. Learn and practice these skills with us.

Nutrition and Weightloss for a Better Body

Eating and drinking properly will enhance recovery, improve performance and help you look and feel your best. A nutrition consultation with Krista Schultz or David Glover begins with a detailed dietary analysis and review of your existing nutrition plan and goals. She then offers you advice and alternatives based on research to provide you practical action steps.

Performance Acceleration: Take Your Racing to the Next Level

Are you a competitive athlete looking to take your performance to the next level while making the most effective use of your time? Let us provide key insights and advice to take your performance to the next level. We will review your background, training plan and goals then help you adjust your plan, give you practical suggestions to get to the next level.



Purchase time (30 or 60 minutes) or a consulting package.

Each consulting package includes:

  • Detailed review of your questionnaire
  • 1hr initial consultation with client in person (if in Boulder) or via phone or Skype
  • Consultant creates individualized plan for client
  • Two 30 min follow up consultations at 2 and 4 weeks to review progress
Purchase your consult:

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Email us back your questionnaire. Your coach will study your questionnaire to become familiar with your background, current status, goals and questions.



We will contact you to schedule your initial consultation and set you on the path to your success.

Clients We’ve Helped:

I hired David to consult me on various items in regard to triathlon training. His answers to my questions were detailed but explained in a manner easy for me to understand.  If you have questions, want advice or need any information in regard to triathlon, I highly recommend giving David a call. Jamie

Dave’s experience in racing, training and coaching has been extremely valuable to optimize my training plans and PR in most races this season. His practical approach is always backed up with some detailed articles, reviews and books. I highly recommend Dave to any athlete wanting to progress further in their training and races. Fabrice

My first Ironman at Mont-Tremblant and I completed it in decent time and without bonking. I am very pleased. I went easy then ran a decent marathon passing many people that bonked. My rankings increased greatly during the run. I plan to race another Ironman in the near future. Thanks for helping me make one of my dreams come true! Maura

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